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Does anything smell better than a cup of freshly roasted coffee? How about hundreds of pounds of coffee beans … from around the world … roasting under our watchful eyes … and noses! Mmmm!

We can’t transmit that wonderful aroma via the internet, but if you click on our Look Beans Video, you’ll see video of how we do it, from precision coffee roasting to grinding and packaging in airtight, resealable foil bags. Mmmm!

Years ago, coffee was a drink associated with leisure … relaxing by a fire or sitting on the porch or with dessert after dinner.

Now it’s grab and go. We take a sip while we’re rushing out the door, while we’re driving to work, while we’re hurrying to a meeting.

One thing hasn’t changed here at Mountainside, and that’s the quality of the coffee we prepare. We still take the time to make it perfect for you. Click on our Looking Good Video to see our on-the-go packaging process.

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